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Colorado defines mediation as "an intervention in dispute negotiations by a trained neutral third party with the purpose of assisting the parties to reach their own solution." C.R.S. § 13-22-302(2.4)


Legal disputes do not have to be nasty, expensive, or overwhelming. Using an impartial and trained mediator can be a smart way to find agreements in even the most contentious cases. Most mediations are conducted via Zoom, which allows me to work with each party one-on-one or everyone together depending on what works best in your case. 

Mediation can be an efficient and low-conflict option for resolving disputes. Mediation is favored  by the courts and is often required before a trial will be held. We want the end result to be a written agreement that you participated in creating and that resolves your dispute.  

As a trial attorney I know that taking any case to court can be expensive, stressful, and the outcome uncertain. In the end the parties to the conflict will feel even more animosity towards one another.  As an impartial mediator working with both parties to your dispute I can help you find sensible solutions as an alternative to going to court. 

Mediated Divorce  - A smarter way to divorce.  Often couples facing divorce desire a lower cost and lower conflict alternative to litigation, but with so much at stake they need help navigating the process. I work as a neutral with both parties to help you find agreeable terms of your divorce and to document your agreements. This process is entirely confidential.

Typical issues addressed in a Mediated Divorce or Child Custody case include:  

  • allocation of parental responsibilities: decision-making, parenting time schedules and child support

  • characterizing property as marital or separate and how best to value marital interests

  • fairly dividing your marital property, including realty, debt, business interests, and retirement accounts

  • addressing spousal maintenance

  • documenting your agreement for court approval

Common types of cases resolved in mediation include: 

High Conflict Disputes: Unlike the courtroom mediation is a non-adversarial process without strict time limits. As an impartial facilitator I work with each party to focus on practical solutions that are forward thinking. 

Family Law: divorce, including property division, spousal support, parenting time, and child support

Real Estate: partition, rights to escrow, buy-sell contract issues, and suits to quiet title 

HOA: fee disputes, compliance issues, and disputes between neighbors 

Personal Injury and Torts: premises liability, motor vehicle collisions, claims of fraud, and torts

Business: contract disputes, business divorce, and joint-venture dissolutions, non-competes 

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