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As an experienced family law attorney I offer you options for how I can best represent your needs and your budget with traditional representation, collaborative law or limited representation. No case is too big or too small. I have represented parties with millions of dollars in assets and others with only marital debt. In either instance I can help you navigate your divorce or child custody case so you are making informed decisions and are ready for mediation or trial if necessary. 

Traditional representation means I take the lead role in your case. This is especially appropriate if there is an attorney representing the other party, if you believe the other party is being deceptive or unreasonable, or if you are not comfortable handling the complicated litigation process on your own. We will still work to resolve your case short of a trial, but if that is not possible I am your zealous advocate in court.

Limited representation also known as unbundled legal services allows you to limit my involvement in your case to what you need help with the most. Without entering an appearance in your case I can help you prepare pleadings and discovery and coach you through the process as you get ready for hearings, mediation, custody evaluations, and trial.  This can be a more economical option for the client who needs limited help with their divorce or custody litigation. Contact me with any questions. 

Collaborative law strives to be a more friendly divorce process that requires the parties and their attorneys to agree they will work together to resolve all issues without going to court. Both parties have to agree to this transparent and cooperative approach and each will hire their own collaborative law trained attorney, such as myself. We will work with other collaboratively trained professionals as necessary addressing your issues together in order to arrive at an enforceable agreement of property division, a parenting plan, and spousal and child support without court intervention. 

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Drew Richman, Durango and Cortez Family Law Attorney

Contact me with any questions or for referrals to other collaboratively trained professionals. 

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